Bronze Gallery "Panarte"
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Human Figures
Bronze figures from various periods presenting the human form, including ones by famous artists such as Falconette, Rodin and Moore, and replicas of works by antique sculptors. Their number comprises also figures in everyone\'s favourite Art Dèco.
Modern Art
Bronze figures by famous, both contemporary and earlier artist sculptors whose works set up standards for contemporary art. This group comprises replicas of Picassos, Moores, and Giacomettis.
Orient and Africa
Bronze sculptures presenting cultures and religions: the Far East as well as the exotic Africa. In this case, it was hard not to resort to patinas, colour enamels, and special copper alloys resembling gold.
Sculptures of favourite pets cast in bronze; many of them are replicas of works by famous sculptors, others are beautifully executed sculptures of exotic animals. These sculptures provide perfect decoration of homes, public halls, and restaurants.
A broad range of fountains and lavabos for both large and small gardens and interiors. The presented fountain forms are sure to satisfy any taste. Cast in bronze, they guarantee high quality and durability.
Candlesticks, bells, bookends, etc. form a group of bronze casts for interior decoration and are a perfect idea for cute, little gifts.
Erotic pieces cast in bronze are intended for persons designing and arranging bar and pub interiors, where they spice up the atmosphere and may inspire further course of action.
This group perfectly complements the decoration of both interiors and gardens. The one- and two-headed dragons presented here were designed by Mariusz Ratajczyk and inspired by Kraków's Wawel Dragon.
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