Bronze Gallery "Panarte"
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Arte di Bronzo

We created the Arte di Bronzo collection to inspire joy through its beauty. Works from this collection may embellish the décor of your room, home or garden as well as provide that original, exclusive touch for hotels, restaurants, clubs, and other public spaces. Moreover, they provide perfect gifts for most occasions; treated properly they will be joy to the eyes of their owners for years.

The entire Arte di Bronzo collection is made of high-quality bronze figures in the cire perdue (lost-wax) process that follows the ancient art of casting.

While creating our collection, we pay careful attention to the quality and workmanship precision of the sculptures. The patina, carefully added by the casters, protects our products from uncontrolled corrosion, enhancing at the same time their texture and colour range.

Technology: The Lost Wax Process

Bronzes - alloys of copper and tin, have been known in the Near East since 4000 BC. We know of no accurate records of how the lost wax process of casting bronze began, yet it is known that the core was covered with layers of wax, which the artist later sculpted into the final form.

Once the wax had hardened, it was covered with clay and baked in a furnace. As to leave the form ready for bronze filling, the wax had to melt and pour out, the method received the name of "the lost wax process".

Although today's materials and preparation for making multiple copies have changed, the basic idea has practically remained unchanged.

The contemporary method differs from the traditional in the original sculpture not being destroyed. Instead, it is employed as the basis for the rubber "master mold" to be later used for copying from wax. The "master mold" is used for making multiple copies.

After the necessary corrections, the copies cast in wax, are used to make the secondary, ceramic mold. These molds, equipped with appropriate apertures for pouring metal in and air escapes, are filled with copper alloys (bronzes, brasses). Once the metal has cooled down, the ready products are knocked out from the molds, cleaned and chased, and - in the case of larger elements - welded. Then the casts undergo chemical processing to receive the final looks suiting the artist's intention.

Arte di Bronzo comprises: bronze sculptures, figures, statues, fountains, trinkets, art deco and modern art, animal and human figures, vases and other bronze casts.